Our History

Building the RR tunnel between Canada and USA 1880'sThe construction of the Tunnel between USA and Canada resulted in an boom of commerce and development in the late 1800’s.




cwm2C.W. Mosher founder. This is great grand pappy as a young man.  Born on a farm in Holly Michigan, one of many sons .  He became a watchmaker and opened his own shop in 1898.   in 1906 he moved to Port Huron where he secured the contracts with Grand Trunk and Pere Marquette rail roads to service the watches of the train crew. Each of the tags on the board behind him represents a customers watch in for service.






An old photo showing Sylvesters Drug store on postcard3the right.  It is a coffee shop and shoe store now. Clarence rented a corner counter at the drug store to get started. Later he moved to 206 Huron up the street.





oldclockAt some point in the 1920’s CW purchased a street clock.  An icon to all that a jeweler and watchmaker were available to serve the communities needs.  Notice the name on top – these hoods were made so you could customize the clock for its location. Seeley Mosher joined his father and stayed at this location through WWI and WWII and the Korean conflict.





1967front2George Mosher joined his father in business when he came home from WWII .  He expanded into fine china, crystal and silver gifts as well as watches and gems. In 1965 he purchased a bigger building and along with other merchants – modernized downtown…..




7835_128895497411_3492188_nIn 1993 using photos of the building as it was when it was Wellman’s Grocery we did a historic reconstruction.

Diamonds, Gems, Watches and a full service department on the second floor.

We can restore you heirloom or use modern CAD/CAM technology to create a new one.